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We bring together skilled trades people and the enthusiasm of participants to run projects that allow people to learn and gain valuable experience whilst making a difference to the community in which they live.


– Carpenter and Joiner
– Real business experience
– Worked in the trade for many years

Why do i do this Job

Since starting at Lend A Hand , it has given me the opportunity to pass on my skills to the participants. This is two fold in my opinion… namely hands on skills, but also personal development. Some participants have other issues to deal with, for example family problems, abuse, mental health etc. Sometimes at the end of the day they just need someone to talk to.


I enjoy managing projects and discussing with supervisors their daily requirements, or just having a chat about how things are going relating to the project.

All about the team

As a team we all have the same focus, to ensure that all participants are given every opportunity to use their skills increasing their chances of gaining employment. We’ve had a number of participants who we have put on our own team as part time employment or as Lend a Hand supervisors.

We are now in the process of Lend a Hand hire a tradie , this is very exciting as we open new opportunities not only for the company but for participants to get into the work force

This is why I love my job

Lend a Hand is committed to the active promotion of equal opportunities. We do this to help overcome inequalities that exist in society today.  We recognise and value diversity and actively help to develop the potential of every individual.

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