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We bring together skilled trades people and the enthusiasm of participants to run projects that allow people to learn and gain valuable experience whilst making a difference to the community in which they live.

Tell us about yourself Nick:

I’m 30 married expecting our first child in July, I own my own Carpentry business I’m also a LAH supervisor and a part time Youth pastor in Dandenong working with disadvantage Youth,

I love working for Lend A Hand and having the opportunity to share my knowledge with the participants and know we are doing something of value for the community.

What motivates you at work?

I love empowering people to reach their potential and challenging them to learn new things, it’s been a real pleasure playing a role in motivating the participants to seek employment and grow in their self-confidence.

Current Projects:

Camp Niall Scout camp in Tuerong Vic, we have undertaken some conservation work around the large property, installed bench seats, a 30+m drain and a New path and stairs to provide safer access to the bridge over the small creek.  We have so many opportunities to support the great work the scouts are doing here at Camp Niall it’s a real privilege to work on this Project.

Personal Development:

I’m currently enrolled in a Trainer & Assessment course and am about to finish a helping people struggling with Trauma course.

Favourite Sports:

I love to watch the Western Bulldogs play Afl but prefer to play Soccer.

Lend a Hand is committed to the active promotion of equal opportunities. We do this to help overcome inequalities that exist in society today.  We recognise and value diversity and actively help to develop the potential of every individual.

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