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We are currently seeking projects across Victoria and Queensland.

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Dafydd Roberts

Mobile: 0451 453941
Email: Dafydd.Roberts@lendahand.org.au

Dafydd has worked on an extensive range employment programs in the UK, Middle East and Australia. His expertise is in new market entry, joint ventures and managing performance of supply chain partners against contractual expectations.

Talk to Dafydd about how Lend a Hand can help you with your project or to get involved as an employer.

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Profile: John Tyson


Tell us about yourself John:

I’m 52 years young, and over that time I have developed a wealth of knowledge that I feel passionate about sharing with others, Lend a Hand offers me that opportunity. I’m particularly pleased that the working we undertake on activities benefit the local community.

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Profile: Wayne Hanson


Why do I do this Job

Since starting at Lend a Hand , it has given me the opportunity to pass on my skills to the participants. This is two fold in my opinion… namely hands on skills, but also personal development.

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Profile: Nick Vander-Speck


Tell us about yourself John:

I’m 30 married expecting our first child in July, I own my own Carpentry business I’m also a LAH supervisor and a part time Youth pastor in Dandenong working with disadvantage Youth,

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