Our Ditch

FINALLY we have finished digging THE trench.

Our spirits we starting to flag as digging constantly is hard work as we had finished the easy part and now had to return to the buried bricks.  Luckily one of the participants used the crow-bar to see how deep they were buried and we discovered there was a gap under them about 1.5 deep.  After consultation with one of our staff, he advised us not to go any further as we might fall into the pit of an abise – i.e. a black hole that could possibly been an old sewerage pit.  No argument from us, we stopped!

Community Garden Dandenong


The reason we are digging a trench, 500mm deep is our site has rascally rabbits and would decimate our vegetables over-night if we left them unprotected.  So to prevent this we are burying the chicken wire 500mm deep, attaching it to a picket fence and back filling the hole.  Hopefully, this will prevent devastation and rabbits do not dig below 500mm.   We will let you know how we go and whether we have deep excavating rabbits.

As you will see from the pictures, we found the main water pipes, tree roots, lots of bricks and a beautiful old bottle and a horse shoe.

We needed some fun, digging is hard work but is satisfying once it is finished and we can look back at what we have achieved.  So we planted some seeds of thyme, sage, parsley (no not the Simon and Garfunkle song) as we had no rosemary seeds), sitting on the lovely seat and working on the lovely table that the Outdoor furniture crew made for us. As they were small seeds, we sprinkled them on top of the seed raising mix (don’t use ordinary potting mix, it is not designed for raising seeds) gently patted the seeds to make contact with the mix and carefully watered them.  I am taking them home over the weekend as seeds need constant care and can-not be allowed to dry out.

APF-logo-no-whiteWe also had some very generous donations this week, which was very exciting.  Australian Prime Fibre kindly donated 10 bales of Lucerne which we have already started using and Lotus Water Gardens which is a part of Garden World on Springvale Road donated us a bird bath which is now proudly standing in the middle of our herb to be circle.