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We help individuals and the wider community achieve positive outcomes that they couldn’t without a lending hand.
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The Concept


We bring together skilled trades people and the enthusiasm of participants. Together we run projects that allow people to learn and gain valuable experience whilst making a difference to the community.

As an employer you can benefit from the skills our participants bring to your business. Build your company’s corporate social responsibility and discover great talent! Help change the lives of participants and their families.

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Have you got work that you can’t do yourself and / or cannot afford to pay someone else to do?

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From our blog

What’s Growing in our Garden?

Board Beans Finally! Our poppies, cauliflowers, broad beans, rocket, pansy's and my favourite flower cosmos.  And the bees are loving it. There has been lots of parsnips which funnily enough some folks

What's Happening in the Patch?

Camellia japonica 'Royal Velvet' LOTS we have been really busy doing things and our community garden is really coming along that is why we haven’t blogged for a while.  We are so lucky to have

The Frog Blog

I didn’t think anything exciting would happen this week, but how wrong could I have been.  We have a very wet patch, where frogs live.  Most days after lunch we hear the croaking.  Well today,

Lend-A-Hand Community Vegetable Garden – Update III

Our Fence Two panels installed only twelve more to go! We would have got another couple installed but the wet weather defeated us.  It started raining just as we set up again after lunch and

  • Lend-A-Hand Community Vegetable Garden

Lend-A-Hand Community Vegetable Garden – Update II

Things are starting to grow!!! Wednesday was a lovely sunny day with a very bracing morning.  The very exciting news is that the broad beans have started to sprout and the radish seeds in

Lend-A-Hand Community Vegetable Garden – Update!

Our Ditch FINALLY we have finished digging THE trench. Our spirits we starting to flag as digging constantly is hard work as we had finished the easy part and now had to return to

  • Community Garden Dandenong

Lend-A-Hand Community Vegetable Garden

Community Garden Dandenong - Continued Our raised beds are 2.4 metres x 1-metre-wide and 60 cm high, built out of environmentally friendly hard wood.  Never use wood that has been treated by chemicals such as arsenic

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Welcome to our brand new website – May 2016

An introduction to Lend a Hand Lend a Hand is a NFP (not for profit) organisation established to assist those currently not working find and maintain a job. Our aim is foster a more cohesive, responsible

Recent projects


GWS Anderson Scout Camp

GWS Scout Camp Update 20/2/16 Provider: Job Prospects Supervisor: John Tyson It has been a great pleasure to undertake this project, work carried out so far... Replaced handrails to chalet Remove old retaining wall

Install hand rails to steps leading to lower garden area.

UYCH MT Evelyn

UYCH MT Evelyn - A project by Lend a Hand Take a look at the image gallery below and see what was involved. Retain current sand pit, remove treated pine retaining timber and rebuilt a


Lend a Hand and UYCH

Lend a Hand is a not-for-profit (NFP) organisation that provides opportunities for unemployed people to build strong community partnerships by undertaking projects in their community to benefit their community. Recently UYCH and Lend a Hand embarked